A detached house in Austin Village, now with a fresh new tiled roof

I was back in Austin Village, Longbridge to fit a new roof on a 1920’s home. The owner spotted me re-roofing a local property down the road and was happy with what he saw! That was good! This time we added a new fiber tile roof to a detached house, rather than a natural slate roof I installed on the semi-detached property down the road.

It hasn’t been the most pleasant weather these past few weeks, but the job progressed quickly! Turns out the owner knows the neighbor of my previous roofing job in the village, so I was recommended. They all seem to like riding motorbikes round here, so they get to know each other well.

The roof turned out smartly and the owner was very pleased. Take a look at the job here:

Arial view of a new roof taken by drone.
New roof in Longbridge, Birmingham.