Chimney… what chimney?

Quick chimney disappearing act in Birmingham this week 😎 If it ain’t working, let’s cover it over and make it beautiful again!

Why opt to lower a chimney?
Some choose to because of aesthetics? Others because it isn’t used? Maybe it’s aged, causing damp and leaks?
Whatever the reason, we can provide a full inspection and together decide what’s the right option for you.

Giving these Ridges some needed TLC

How’s your friday feeling? A little repair work to finish our week off nicely. Maintenance works add longevity and help avoid those bigger costing projects further down the line.
You can’t beat some fresh mortar and ridges to give your roof a face lift. 😎 Have a good weekend!

Rednal Chimney Repoint 🏠

For the tricky itty bitty hard to reachy jobs…. Call the professionals … we’ve got your back 👍

What’s your favourite thing about 🍂 Autumn?

For us it has to be welly walks with our pup 🐾! … and not the torrential downpours of the UK! Fortunately the rain stopped enough that this weekend we could complete this chimney repoint 😉… now show us the coats, scarves and boots we’re ready for walkies 🐾

Chimney Revamp!

Another chimney revamp! This time the chimney is in disuse but the vent was leaking and previously only slabs had been used to cap it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Now it’s watertight, correctly vented and these chimney pots make a beautiful upgrade don’t you think? 😉

Bay Season!

Fresh finished project feeling … ahhh bliss….
Wait … no onto the next one!!! Check out another beautiful bay transformation this week 🙂 Check out the video here on our instagram page and have your say! click here

Bungalow Glow up in Solihull!

It’s a family day for us at C Marshall Roofing #workhardplayhard
Whilst we enjoy our day and get ready to start our next project tomorrow, check out this bungalow transformation completed in just 7 days! Over 1500 tiles laid! 💪

Thank you as always to @raclean for the manpower to help us get this project off to a flying start and finished on time and on budget 😉

Watch a full video transformation on our instagram page here !