Making the most of the Summer!

Making the most of the last of the Summer ☀️
Despite the British summer rain, our recent customers can now enjoy their summer house again! Using a high-performance felt system it is now water-tight and looking sharp! 🤙 Is this a bit of you? Get in touch today for a free friendly quote!

Chimney Revamp!

Another chimney revamp! This time the chimney is in disuse but the vent was leaking and previously only slabs had been used to cap it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Now it’s watertight, correctly vented and these chimney pots make a beautiful upgrade don’t you think? 😉

Before an After!

Because a fresh lid always makes you feel so satisfied towards the end of the week 🤙 look how much better this roof looks and how much sturdier and weatherproofed it will be for years to come!

Spick and Span Roof!

Got the wifey in cleaning up on our almost completed Knowle project 💪 🧼 🧽 🧹 🥰 when we say Site Clearance we mean proper site clearance… Team Marshall !!
It’s so important that we treat our customer’s properties with care and respect ✊
We include a full site clearance on every quote we provide giving you full reassurance that we will leave your home refreshed.

We leave your home spick and span 👍 

Bay Season!

Fresh finished project feeling … ahhh bliss….
Wait … no onto the next one!!! Check out another beautiful bay transformation this week 🙂 Check out the video here on our instagram page and have your say! click here