We love our Repeat Customers and Referrals 👍

Was you referred to our business? If so- Welcome!
We highly value our repeat customers and referrals. In fact, word of mouth is still one of the biggest ways for a reliable and efficient job in the trade industry!
When renovating our home, we used plumbers and electricians that were referred from friends, so we have the same ethos of providing a great service that leaves you feeling confident to recommend us to your friends and family.
If you are visiting us because of a social media or google review link then we hope the many testimonials and examples of workmanship can leave you rest assured that we provide a top rate service 🌟… you can get in touch to discuss your project needs on our contact page!

Chimney… what chimney?

Quick chimney disappearing act in Birmingham this week 😎 If it ain’t working, let’s cover it over and make it beautiful again!

Why opt to lower a chimney?
Some choose to because of aesthetics? Others because it isn’t used? Maybe it’s aged, causing damp and leaks?
Whatever the reason, we can provide a full inspection and together decide what’s the right option for you.