Chimney Rebuild and capping in the gorgeous Bournville Area 😍

Transformation Tuesday! #hellobeautifulworkday the sun is shining and we are so happy to share this #transformationtuesday💪 with you!

We worked on a gorgeous property in Bournville for our latest project which was a full chimney rebuild. Despite some challenging weather and some extra obstacles here and there we made sure the project finished on time on price and to a quality finish

☑️ check it out! ( For a video of the works check out out instagram post here

Flat Roof Reminders for you ☝️

Happy Monday!

Did you have a good weekend?
Check out this recent flat roof upgrade!

With all the rain we’ve had make sure you’re checking your end tension and garden room flat roofs for leaks, with spring on the way, this is an opportune time to get them sorted ready for summer days! 🪴

Another double bungalow glow up in Solihull!

Check out this HUGE project we completed over the past few weeks!

Another double roof bungalow project in Solihull.
We had to use many specialist skills on this project such as:
Lead works
Tile hanging
Tile cutting
Whilst battling against gale-force winds and down pours! ☔️

To watch us hard at work and to see the stages of this project click the link here to our instagram reel

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Even on Holiday we don’t stop our inspo!

Whilst away for a weekend we couldn’t help but stop and appreciate this beautiful craftsmanship! These cedar wood shingles are a beautiful eco-friendly bespoke roofing choice!

Swipe to see a gorgeous garage roof we fitted out with these shingles. Give us a like 👍 if this is a bit of you!

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